Caring for People.  Caring for Community.  Working for a Greater Good.

Urban-Camp products are designed for local use. We work with local organizations to make solutions for people living on the street – in a particular town or city. 

We depend on individuals putting energy into creating local awareness and proposing how things could be better. How can an individual or a small group of friends get started?  

End Unsheltered Homelessness - It Takes a Plan

See a Problem and Envision a Solution

As you travel around your community, think about where you see homeless tent camps.  Look around for vacant lots or parking lots of closed businesses. Would they work for a small community of urban-camp homes? If its not obvious, maybe you can research and find the property owner. A long term property lease for a non-profit development, may be an attractive option for a vacant property. Or maybe there is vacant public property, where you can advocate for a re-purpose to help the homeless.

How to Start an Urban Camp Solution

Contact your Local HUD Continuity of Care

HUD CoC is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Continuity of Care Representative for your local area. The US Government provides local funding for homeless issues through these pre-approved agencies, some public and some private.

HUD CoC General Information

HUD CoC Local Contact Information

Corporate Funding for Local Homeless

Do you or one of your friend work for a large corporation? Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many other companies have special program funding for local homeless issues. It may take some digging, but somewhere in that big organization is someone trying to help solve homeless issues.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is perhaps the largest and most successful organization in low cost housing solutions. Historically they have been involved with low cost housing allowing a low income person to own a home. Urban-Camp is directed at low-low or no income housing, and Habitat for Humanity has started taking on projects in this realm. Get involved in your local Habitat for Humanity:

Find your Local Habitat for Humanity Chapter

Faith Based Organizations

Faith Based Organizations provide immense resources to help the homeless. The number of local organizations working every day on these issues would be difficult to list, but if you have an interest in faith-based work then you likely have a place to start.  Here is a link to some of the largest, oldest, and most well known:

The Salvation Army

Catholic Charities

Private Foundations

Private Foundations address a wide range of issues, and many include funding for homeless solutions. Some research will lead you to the Foundations focused on your local area. For examples, here are links to a couple large active Foundations:

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Gates Foundation


Homeaid is an organization of people and companies involved in homebuilding. They offer special programs for low income homebuilding including volunteer support and donations of building materials. Find your local chapter, and a long list of their local partners.

Home Aid Local Chapters

Home Aid Local Partners

Real Estate Developer Offsets

Do you or a friend work for local building contractors or developers?  Keep aware of large real estate developments in your local zoning and planning public meetings.  Many Apartment and Condominium developments require offsets for low cost housing units.  A Urban-camp development may be a solution to this often contentious issue.

Architecture, Engineering and Design Firms

Do you or a friend work for an architecture or engineering firm? Help us design better modules and site layouts. Take a look at our technical resources and let us know how we can improve.

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Software Developers

Urban-Camp has development initiatives for: IoT Cloud Remote Monitoring of building module performance, and Client Focused Mobile App for personal communication to Urban-Camp and social service providers. Can you help us with these efforts?

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  • Geriatrics and People with Disabilities

  • Mental Health and Drug / Alcohol Addiction

  • Social Service and Social Benefits Delivery

  • Medicaid, SNAP and Other Program Administration

  • Public Safety and Emergency Services

Are you or a friend a specialist for Geriatrics or People with Disabilities? Do you work with people on mental health or drug/alcohol addiction? Do you work for social service delivery in public or private group? Are you a specialist in public safety and emergency service?

Look at the Urban-Camp living modules and group settings. How can we improve the urban-camp environment to facilitate the use by people with special needs. How can we facilitate the delivery of social services while fostering independent living.

Contact with your insights.